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Philips Roxas Solar Lighting Upgrade

May 10, 2024   //   by RandyQ   //   Blog, Tourism  //  No Comments

installation of Philips Solar luminaire at People’s Park.

In December of 2023, Roxas City successfully launched the newly redeveloped People’s Park and Baybay beach, which featured new solar lighting systems by Philips. The new lighting systems were game changers. The old, dark park and beach transformed into safe, walkable areas that effectively resulted in increased business.

Citihardware | PSACC

Apr 19, 2024   //   by RandyQ   //   Blog, Testimonial  //  No Comments

In late 2023, our client, Philippine Span Asia Carrier Corporation (PSACC) was celebrating its 50th Anniversary and commissioned us to shoot testimonial videos of companies who had been with them through the years. We made videos on 7 of PSACC’s best clients, which made it very, very challenging for the PSACC communications team to coordinate!

San Antonio, Quezon Street Lighting Project

Dec 30, 2022   //   by RandyQ   //   Blog, Corporate AVP, Sales and Marketing  //  No Comments

We shot this video over two days during a break in the rainy season of 2022! Since the clients were Philips and Lythaus (the lighting contractor), we had to shoot at night when the lights were operating, which resulted in a mild fog preventing a clear shot of the street lamps! We were very fortunate that the weather cleared on the second day! Quite a challenging shoot, but a nice video nevertheless!

Bühler DS-C Sorter / G4 Rice Mill

Jul 30, 2022   //   by RandyQ   //   Blog, Corporate AVP, Manufacturing, Testimonial  //  No Comments

Fiberfill Manufacturing Inc.

Feb 14, 2022   //   by RandyQ   //   Blog, Corporate AVP, Manufacturing  //  No Comments

We produced this video in late 2021 for Fiberfill Manufacturing Inc. This video is reminds me of a time over a decade ago when most of the videos we made were for manufacturers, and that we probably have more experience shooting in factories and warehouses than anyone else!

Teleperformance 25th Year AVP

Oct 2, 2021   //   by RandyQ   //   Blog, Corporate AVP, Outsourcing  //  No Comments

We were contacted by old clients Teleperformance to produce a video for their 25th Anniversary. Our location was the new Teleperformance facility in Molino, Cavite, and the shoot became quite challenging due to the COVID19 restrictions! Despite this all went well, and client is quite happy with the finished video. Congratulations to Teleperformance on their 25th Anniversary!

Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc.

Aug 30, 2021   //   by RandyQ   //   Blog, Corporate AVP, Outsourcing, Technology  //  No Comments

In the middle of 2021, I flew to Cebu to shoot this video for the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc., who were being serviced by our long-time client Tata Consulting. This video was shot in a little less than a day, but was very challenging because most of the offices were empty since the staff were all working from home. Regardless, the shoot was a success and our client TATA (and their client, RAFI), were very happy with the AVP.

Is Tuna Good to Eat?

Mar 20, 2021   //   by RandyQ   //   Blog, Corporate AVP, Tradeshow / Exhibit Videos, Training, Viral Video  //  No Comments

One of our oldest clients commissioned this video for an exhibit/installation. It is actually part of a series of four videos, with the final version being in Chinese. The big challenge facing our client is that Tuna is not a traditional Chinese food, so these videos were designed to provide basic information about Tuna and encourage the Chinese consumer to try it. Certainly a very challenging mission, but also very rewarding!

Roxas City Interactive Lighting Installation

Jul 7, 2020   //   by RandyQ   //   Blog, Corporate AVP, Sales and Marketing  //  No Comments

A video we recently finished for the folk at Roxas city, on behalf of our client Signify. It was quite challenging because it was raining almost the entire time we were in Roxas city, which made it very difficult to get the exterior shots. Further complicating the project was the quarantine imposed on the city of Roxas, which meant that our flyer couldn’t get more of the shots we needed to complete the video. Regardless, the video was eventually finished and client is a happy camper.

Teleperformance Rebranding

Jun 24, 2019   //   by RandyQ   //   Blog  //  No Comments

In early June, we finished shooting a video for long time client Teleperformance during their global rebranding campaign. We shot timelapse footage showing the replacement and installation of new signage on one of their buildings. The shoot was done during the heat of summer, and much of the work was done in the late afternoon to evening to avoid the daytime heat. Many of the timelapse sequences were many hours long – and the shortness of the video meant we had to cut short the timelapse shots showing the work progress from day to night! My crew and I thought that this was probably the longest and most difficult timelapse shoot we ever did!