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Rewind: The Miners of Compostela Valley

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Q2 video team with miners at the steps of what used to be an abandoned open pit mine. Over the years, a young forest had grown over the mine, which can be seen at the background of this shot.

REWIND: I found this video clip on our vimeo page recently because it has apparently received the most views of all the videos we have done. I decided to post it here because it had an interesting story.

Back in 2010, an Australian client asked us to shoot footage of a mining operation they had acquired in Compostela Valley, in Southern Mindanao. At the time, this was one of our first shoots on location using our Lumix camera system at 24P. Months later,we edited the footage we shot in order to put a story to the video, posted it on vimeo, and promptly forget about it.

Things took a turn for worse in recent years, however. Fire fights between insurgents and government troops in this area had turned it into a war zone with all mining operations suspended, making me wonder what happened to all the good folk we met on the way. One thing for sure – that forest we shot that had grown over the open-pit mine (seen at the video’s end) is probably still there and undisturbed since all mining had to a stop!

Video Production Team

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Randy Quimpo on location at Hanoi airport in 2015. Q2 does most of its shoots out of town, with many projects shot overseas.


Randy co-founded Q2 with his wife Nina in 2007, and has worked in the corporate environment for his entire career. His shoots have taken him to environments as diverse as remote jungles in Indonesia, power plants in Southern Philippines, and to business processing offices in Metro Manila.

In the 1990s, Randy was a member of the award-winning Nova Productions team, a production house focused on Power Generation, Manufacturing, Export Zones, and other industries. It was at Nova Productions that Randy first discovered his preference for corporate video production, and where Randy developed his dedication to international standards of quality.

His last job was working with the Luenthai Group – a Hongkong based multinational conglomerate, as the manager of the company’s video division. Randy worked with Luenthai for almost 10 years, with the last few years based in the company’s Southern China manufacturing facility. Working at the Luenthai Group gave Randy valuable experience in producing videos for many different industries in many countries. What makes this experience different, however, is that Randy worked closely with many of Luenthai’s decision makers – a position which gave Randy a very unique insight into the corporations’ internal processes.

Today, RandyQ brings his years of experience to Q2 Digital Studio, and his personal mission is to develop the best corporate videos for his clients at the most reasonable prices. This means producing video that shows companies to be efficient, effective workplaces. It means presenting managers as smart, knowledgeable professionals. And it means finding ways to show what makes each company unique and exciting.

Nina Quimpo handles Q2 Digital Studio’s administration tasks.

Nina Quimpo is the co-founder of Q2 Digital Studio, and is the company’s business owner. Nina handles the other half of a video production business – the unseen, difficult work of day-to-day office administration. Nina ensures that Q2’s books and finances are in order, and is a key reason for the company’s continued financial stability.

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Rico Roque and RandyQ on location shooting mangroves in Surigao del Norte.

Rico Roque is Q2 Digital Studio’s Light and Sound Specialist.

Rico is an integral part of Q2 Digital Studio, and together with RandyQ form the company’s fundamental shooting unit. The pair have worked together for over 2 decades, and have shot in locations all over the Philippines and Indonesia.

Rico has the rare ability to achieve quality sound recording and lighting in some of the most difficult situations – from cramped office spaces, to outdoor interviews in windy locations, and to remote locations deep in the mountains. In all this, Rico strives to maintain the highest standards of quality in every shoot Q2 Digital Studio does.

Coco Quimpo is Q2 Digital Studios Sales and Project Manager.

Coco is the company’s newest member, and is often the first person many new clients make contact with. Coco also handles entire projects, from initial inquiry, to shooting and editing, until final delivery. Coco is often present in many of the shoots that Q2 Digital Studio does, and for clients that require teleprompter services, ensures that the client looks their very best on cam.

Our Team

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Outsourced Corporate AVP

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The Outsourced Corporate AVP was produced in the 1st Quarter of 2016, and is an update of an earlier video we produced for the same client. This video was produced under extremely tight budget and time constraints, but we like to show it because its actually a very very nice video!

Recent: Outsourced Corporate AVP

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Recent: A couple of months ago, we received a call from an old client of ours – Mike Larcher of Outsourced – an Australian BPO based in Eastwood City, Libis. We had produced a corporate profile video for Outsourced a few years ago, and this time Mike wanted to update the video we produced for them with shots of the new office and staff. Just like before, Mike didn’t want to spend too much on the video, so everything had to be done very quickly and economically. As a result, Mike was going to write the script, do the voiceover, and appear in the video at the same time!

The big surprise to everyone is that although the videos we make for Mike Larcher are not big budget productions, they are actually quite nice. We like to show them to clients as an example of what can be done at very low cost! So we at Q2 Digital Studio were quite excited to produce something new for Outsourced.

Like many video shoots we have done for off-shore BPO companies, scheduling was going to be tough since entire areas of the office would be empty at various times of the day. We ended up shooting at 6Am and wrapping up at lunch time (we only shot for half a day due to budget reasons).

One thing we did differently this time is that we were using a new teleprompter system that helped Mike to deliver his lines very, very quickly because he didn’t have to memorize his lines anymore! This system enabled us to finish shooting everything in a few hours.

We eventually delivered the finished video in less than a week’s time, and Mike promptly put it to good use by posting it on their company website. A video done very fast, at low cost, and quite nice – needless to say, everyone is happy!