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Rewind: Partners for Resilience – Overview video (Indonesian)

Jul 6, 2016   //   by RandyQ   //   Advocacy, Blog, Corporate AVP  //  No Comments

Not too long ago, our team produced a series of videos for the Partners for Resilience – a Norway-based organization made up of 5 major NGOs. This video was the first of the series, and had an Indonesian version with an excellent voiceover c/o old friend Setiawan, who not only facilitated the recording but also did some last minute checking of the script to make sure that the language was right. This was quite interesting to us, because we had always thought (quite wrongly) that Indonesian was a very simple language, but it is apparently a rich language with many nuances!

This video is typical of the translations done by Q2 – not just a voiceover, but script and graphics as well.

Patners for Resilience Overview

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Rewind: Tools for Risk Assessment

Jun 24, 2016   //   by RandyQ   //   Advocacy, Blog  //  No Comments

In mid-2014, our team did a project for the Partners for Resilience – a Norwegian organization made of NGOs in the Philippines and Indonesia. This video is the 2nd of a set of 5 videos, and features several tools used by PfR before they begin designing programs for the areas they will be working in.

This video required the Q2 video team to shoot in several remote locations in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Bamboo Plantation on Tablas Island

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In 2013, we were commisioned by Futenco, a German fund focused on environmental projects, to produce a series of videos on their bamboo plantation in Tablas island. The shoot for this video was spread over 3 days, and shot just after a major typhoon had it the island. Heavy winds and post-storm conditions made it very challenging to conduct the interviews, with many of the shots taken under mild rain. This video was used by the marketing team during their roadshow as part of their materials on the progress of the project.

This video was actually posted back in 04Sep2013.


Tulay sa Kalusugan

Jun 18, 2016   //   by RandyQ   //   Advocacy  //  No Comments

Tulay sa Kalusugan is a video we produced in cooperation with the Department of Health, several pharmaceutical companies, and various global funding agencies, on a project that seeks to promote universal health care in the Philippines. The video was shot in several locations in Palawan and in the DOH office in Manila, over a total of only two days.

The project recognized the lack of trained medical personnel in remote areas of the Philippines, and is about building the competencies of midwives and nurses located in these areas.

GK – Monsanto Partnership: Bayan-Anihan Farms

Oct 19, 2015   //   by RandyQ   //   Advocacy  //  No Comments

This corporate video production covers the symbolic turnover ceremony from Gawad Kalinga and Monsanto to the Pueblo Antonio Village community, and marks a 4-year relationship geared towards social enterprise. By setting up sustainable food programs in every impoverished community, they are on the road to ending hunger in the Philippines.

If you are looking for a similar corporate video output, you can read more about our company. We would love to discuss with you the details of your corporate video project, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call.