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Alsons Power Generation Facilities

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What’s so Good About Tuna?

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A long-time client called us recently and asked us to produce that will introduce Tuna to the China market. I remembered that I actually made a similar video for the same client about 4 years ago – and the lady calling me had no idea because this was long before she had been working for the company! At that time, our client was introducing Tuna to the Chinese market, but was facing a problem because Tuna was never a part of the Chinese diet. This video was part of their campaign to educate the market about Tuna and even included a short tutorial on how to prepare a simple but tasty Tuna dish! Today, our client’s exports of Tuna to China are in the billions.

Coal-fired power plant in Sarangani Province

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Director Randy Quimpo (far right in black shirt) and Q2 Production Team in control room of SEC power plant.

We recently concluded a location shoot at Coal-fired power plant in Sarangan Province. We have been shooting this power plant for the past few years ever since construction began, and this time we were showing the part of the site where the plant’s second building is being built, doubling its capacity to over 200 MW.

While this plant is built beside the sea, it is probably the only one in the world that sources (and disposes) cooling water from an inland river through a pipeline several kilometers long. This is to avoid polluting the sea beside it which is actually a well-known dive site, and plant engineers said that at one time a whale shark was spotted checking out the jetty!

Diesel Power Plant in Illigan City

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Our crew was in Illigan City recently to shoot a video for one of our long-time clients. We flew over to take some footage of this plant because it had not been shot in any of the past versions of the videos we produced for our client. Surprisingly, from conversations with the plant personnel, it also seems like this is probably the only photo taken of this plant in the last 24 years!

SLTech Power Plant in Calaca, Batangas

Apr 1, 2017   //   by RandyQ   //   Blog, Corporate AVP  //  No Comments

Power Generation

We recently concluded shooting a corporate video for the South Luzon Thermal Energy Corporation Coal fired power plant in Calaca, Batangas. This project was quite unique, because it was the first time that we went to a power plant the day before in order to begin shooting as early as possible! The client’s facility was one of the new generation of coal-fired plants, and was EXTREMELY clean – very different what we imagine when we think of coal-fired plants. From what we had seen, it is clear that coal is an economical means to provide baseload power for the Philippine’s power requirements!

Promoting Tourism in the Philippines

Mar 12, 2017   //   by RandyQ   //   Blog, Tourism  //  No Comments

We recently produced a nice Tourism Promotion video for the Luxus Travel Corporation. There wasn’t much time to shoot new footage, so the video is made up of their stock of existing photos, as well as our own shots from other travel videos we produced in the past. We also sourced some nice aerial shots for some of the locations they were promoting.

Interestingly, the FIRST version (meaning the ORIGINAL) version of this video is in Chinese, and is regularly shown in Chinese tradeshows. THIS version is actually the 2nd version, and is targeted at the Russian travel market.

A very successful, very economical done, and client is very happy!

Software App for Medical Practitioners

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An overseas software company asked us to shoot a video of medical practitioners giving testimonials for their software. We actually shot 2 locations where our client’s software was being used, and plenty of testimonial footage plus B-roll. We then sent the footage to our client for the editing. The client edited the footage we took themselves, and edited the shots into some marketing videos they were producing. The video shown here is a short “test” we did to check the quality of the sound and image, and in addition to its original objective, it also comes across as a very nice marketing video for the Clinic!

Tuna Loin Processing

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In late 2016, a long-time client asked us to shoot one of their tuna loin processing facilities in Yantai, China. The drive to the plant took almost 2 hours, and we had to scramble to shoot at yet another location immediately after, so we didn’t have much time. So I believe I shot this entire video in about 45 minutes – which meant that much of the footage was of a single take. As I watched the finished video, I couldn’t help but feel that shooting factories like this is something we have been doing very, very well for over a decade. In fact many years ago when we started Q2 Digital Studio, the only location shooting we did was at factories in China – so I believe we have the most experience at doing this sort of thing than most.

Have a White Christmas – our here in the tropics!

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white christmas


All of a sudden it is the Christmas Season and the end of 2016 is only a few days away! As we think back on all the challenges and projects we worked on this year, we would like to wish everyone we had an opportunity to work with a wonderful White Christmas and a prosperous year ahead!

Australian Embassy Manila | Independence Day Message

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Quite some time ago, the Australian Embassy asked us to shoot a message from then Ambassador Bill Twedell on the eve of the Philippines’ Independence Day. A very simple video – but challenging to shoot. We had to find a quiet spot in the embassy that had the Australian seal, which was not an easy task because we had to shoot this in a very tight hallway! The Australian seal was also difficult to light, because it was made of reflective brass. At the end of 2-3 hours of shooting however, it was all done and client was very happy with the result.