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Mapalad Power Corporation Diesel Plant, Illigan City

Mapalad Power Corporation Diesel Plant, Illigan City

Q2 Digital Studio is a corporate video production house based in Metro Manila, Philippines. Our team has over 20 years of experience, and we produce the BEST VIDEO at the BEST PRICES.
We provide quality script-to-screen services, meaning that our video production services include script writing, shooting, graphics creation, music scoring, narration, editing, and output to the format the client actually uses.

Our main product is the corporate AVP – the corporate profile video, although we have also done many other kinds of videos to support our clients requirements.

What makes us a good choice to do your project?

  1. We are focused on Industry: we have many years of experience in corporate video production for manufacturing, logistics, BPO, and power generation. We have shot in environments ranging from mountain to seaside, from jungle to urban, from factory to office.
  2. We know how to SHOOT and LIGHT for industry. If you work in manufacturing, you know exactly what we mean when we say that the environment in the manufacturing area is very, very different, and brings its own challenges for the shooter. We have plenty of experience in all sorts of environment, so in all likelihood we have done something similar and dealt with similar challenges before. This means that in our shoots, there is no guess work, no practicing on the job.
  3. We write better scripts. We understand the language of industry, and we try to capture the most important messages of a company in every script we write. We DO NOT work with freelance writers – simply because they do not focus on industry and/or understand industrial issues.
  4. We shoot the best interviews. We take great pains to make our clients look great, sound smart, and give tight, concise, intelligent answers to questions. This is not as easy as it sounds, since most of our clients are serious businessmen, and it requires experience to get them to show their best side to the camera.
  5. We pay attention to technical details so that important processes are seen clearly. This is very important if the video is to be used for training purposes and/or to communicate details. And in manufacturing, we understand that we cannot show a procedure that is incorrect.
  6. We maintain an international standard of quality. A large majority of our clients are overseas, so all of our corporate video productions are sensitive to the different nuances of language, style, and music of different cultures.
  7. We respect copyright. All of our music, video, and even the software we use, are licensed and paid for. Our clients can use their videos with confidence knowing that all copyright issues are dealt with. We do not tolerate piracy in our operations.
  8. We strive for best quality attainable. We have over 20 years of experience in encoding video and we pay strict attention to details of the encoding process. Our goals is to produce the best quality attainable at the smallest file size – very important for corporate clients who must show their work on laptops and must share videos over busy corporate networks.
  9. We pay attention to compliance, and we are aware of the requirements external certification bodies make on our clients. As a result we are sensitive to these standards and strive to show compliance in all our footage.

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