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Recent: A couple of months ago, we received a call from an old client of ours – Mike Larcher of Outsourced – an Australian BPO based in Eastwood City, Libis. We had produced a corporate profile video for Outsourced a few years ago, and this time Mike wanted to update the video we produced for them with shots of the new office and staff. Just like before, Mike didn’t want to spend too much on the video, so everything had to be done very quickly and economically. As a result, Mike was going to write the script, do the voiceover, and appear in the video at the same time!

The big surprise to everyone is that although the videos we make for Mike Larcher are not big budget productions, they are actually quite nice. We like to show them to clients as an example of what can be done at very low cost! So we at Q2 Digital Studio were quite excited to produce something new for Outsourced.

Like many video shoots we have done for off-shore BPO companies, scheduling was going to be tough since entire areas of the office would be empty at various times of the day. We ended up shooting at 6Am and wrapping up at lunch time (we only shot for half a day due to budget reasons).

One thing we did differently this time is that we were using a new teleprompter system that helped Mike to deliver his lines very, very quickly because he didn’t have to memorize his lines anymore! This system enabled us to finish shooting everything in a few hours.

We eventually delivered the finished video in less than a week’s time, and Mike promptly put it to good use by posting it on their company website. A video done very fast, at low cost, and quite nice – needless to say, everyone is happy!

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