15th Anniversary Video for Long Time Client!

Jul 8, 2016   //   by RandyQ   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Last night, a client that we had been working with for the longest time asked us to produce a video for their 15th Anniversary next year. I suddenly realized that they had been my client for over 15 years – and I saw them grow from a small operation in Palau into one of the largest seafood suppliers in the world!

I did this video for them back in 2013 when they were trying to enter the China market. This video dealt with the “basics” of tuna culture since China was not a tuna market back then, and not many Chinese knew about tuna, let alone developed a taste for it.  The original version of this video was in Chinese language – the version featured here being the English version!

Advance congratulations to Shenzhen Lian Cheng on their 15th Anniversary, and big thanks to the Luenthai Fishing Venture, my most loyal client!

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