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The Corporate AVP: Our Main Product

CORPORATE VIDEO PRODUCTION is our main service, and our main product is the CORPORATE AVP (we usually call this a corporate profile). These are videos that companies use to give an overview of their operations, and have an average running time from 4 to 7 minutes. Because corporate videos essentially represent the company to the outside world, the challenge here is to deliver the highest possible production value, while facing the constraints of budget and time. We have found that the clients that have the most use of this type of video are those who maintain operations in many countries, because these videos enable them to economically communicate company objectives and culture across their operations . As a result, many clients ask us to produce these videos in two languages, with some of them having their graphics presented bilingually. An example of a bilingual video is this recruitment video we developed for a client in China. In the last few years, we have also produced other types of videos to support other needs of our clients. The videos we currently produce fall into six distinct types:

In order to further support the needs of our existing clientele, we occasionally provide video coverage and photography services. While we do not consider these to be our main service, our clients” often ask us to perform this service in order to ensure that these are done according to the quality standard they have become accustomed to.

What makes our service different?

Our ultimate objective is to PARTNER with our clients and provide them with long term solutions to their communication needs. Because most corporate communications departments today no longer have in-house resources focused on their video requirements, our approach is to help our clients by providing services normally performed by in-house staff.

  • We keep abreast of trends and the latest techniques of corporate video production, and we use these to help our customers conceptualize their videos. Our experience enables us to advise our clients and help them conceptualize videos that are timely and cost effective.
  • We make it our responsibility to maintain an archive of our client”s footage and material. For some clients that have experienced tremendous turnover of staff, our service helps them maintain continuity because they do not have to worry about footage being lost in transition.
  • Because no company remains the same for very long, and that all corporate videos need to be updated eventually, we NEVER erase the project files of our clients. If any detail in the clients” video changes, a revision can be done quickly and at minimal cost.

For some of our clients, our archive of footage goes back over ten years, and many of the projects we do are made up entirely of archival footage. One such video is this company history video that recently we produced for the Luenthai Corporation on their 45th Anniversary.

What equipment/formats does Q2 shoot in?

Q2’s preferred shooting format of choice is the HDSLR. We believe that this format provides the best cost/quality for corporate video production. The compactness and light weight of HDSLR systems enables us to shoot faster, with smaller crews, and with better image quality than other systems. This translates into fewer shooting days and lower traveling costs for our corporate clients. We deliver our video in the following formats:

  • DVD
  • WMV for web distribution (via ftp), or for embedding in powerpoint
  • Quicktime H.264

Because most of our clients are overseas, we deliver most of our corporate video projects entirely over the internet. Our preferred delivery format is the WMV file, and we take pride in our ability to produce videos with the highest possible quality at file sizes that make them sendable via FTP.

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